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1) A reciprocal link to one of our directory sites is required for inclusion.  You may submit without a reciprocal link to receive an email report that shows the pages where your site would be listed. Please link back to us using text that describes our site in your own words. Linkbacks are only accepted if your links page is loosely focused on a single topic.  For example, if your company sells electrical components, your links page(s) should not have links to "debt consolidation".

2)  Click here to see a sample submission report that is emailed upon URL acceptance.  Your email is kept private. It is only used for sending a one-time submission report and then discarded.  You may leave this field blank if you do not wish to receive an email notification.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Processing time is 24 hours or less.
  • Your email address is kept private.  It is only used for sending a summary report of your link submission.  Your email address is discarded after the notification is sent.
  • SPAM submissions will cause your site to be banned permanently.
  • All submissions are human-reviewed.
  • An HTML report detailing the pages where your URL is listed will be emailed to you.
  • You may submit without a reciprocal link to receive an email report that shows the pages where your site would be listed.
  • If your site is not accepted, we will send an email to inform you of the reason. 
  • URLs of free web hosting sites such as are not accepted.
  • Check to make sure your HTML page contains accurate information in the <title> and META description and keywords tags. 
  • Our systems analyze your page to determine it's "cheese factor".  Unprofessional pages with items such as "sign my guestbook" are deemed "cheese" and will appear near the bottom of a category or not be listed at all if the category has too many matching sites.
  • Pages with annoying features such as pop-unders, background sounds, or fade in/fade out effects may not be listed.
  • If your page is Web SPAM, do not submit.  You will be banned and we record information about your page.  For example, your Google Adsense ID may be recorded and pages with the same Adsense ID will be removed from all other directory sites and always rejected in the future.
  • You may submit multiple URLs from a single domain.  Be sure that each URL has a unique <title> in the HTML to accurately reflect the content of the page.
  • URL submission is free, but a single text linkback is required for inclusion.
  • Additional questions? Send email to Matt Fausey ( 

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