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About Tortuga Group LLC

Tortuga is an Internet technology company founded in 2003 and located in Wheaton, IL.  It is focused on building the best industry-specific directories on the Web.  Our goal is to create a resource that provides a clear picture of "what is out there" for very specific topics in the context of specific industries. We foresee our directories used as a way for companies and individuals to find competitors, products, potential business partners, solutions, and information without having to pay for this intelligence. 

Tortuga has developed sophisticated proprietary technology for excluding SPAM sites, evaluating the professionalism of a site, and for categorizing sites automatically.  Our directories are human reviewed in that we add intelligence to our evaluation systems based on the ever-ongoing spot checking of already listed sites.  All sites manually submitted to our directory are human reviewed.  In addition, Tortuga has developed sophisticated robots that spider the Web in search of new sites which are automatically categorized and added to our indexes.  Our spiders are robots.txt friendly and typically only spider a few pages of any given site. 

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We are committed to communicating effectively and promptly with our users. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send email to Matt Fausey, the Founder and CEO at:


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Tortuga Group LLC
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